Cape Arundel Golf Club

Kennebunkport, Maine

Cape Arundel, today, prides itself on its’ preservation of history while offering a well groomed course and a high degree of service and enjoyment. From the Golf Shop and personal Instruction & Clubfitting to the comfort of familiarity and the intrigue of the links-style course, the whole experience at Kennebunkport is rich with tradition and enjoyment.

We invite you to spend a moment, being transported through time from the first day at Kennebunkport Golf Club (now Cape Arundel) and the struggles of World War I to modern techniques, Instruction & Clubfitting, and events. Cape Arundel was founded on history and tradition; it is what makes us great!

U.S.G.A. Yardage/Stroke and Slope Rating

  • Men’s Back par 69 (5881 yards) 67.1/118
  • Middle (5310 yards)
  • Women’s par 70 (5026 yards) 69.7/119
Phone: 207 967-3494